Ainslie Adams is a curvaceous, raven haired beauty. Described as smouldering, audiences across Australia have been seduced by her grace and elegance.


In 2015 Ainslie won the title of ‘Burlesque Idol Melbourne’. She has been selected as a State Finalist in Miss Burlesque Victoria in 2016 and 2018. Ainslie has performed in the Australian Burlesque Festival, Perth International Burlesque Festival and the Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth Fringe Festivals. She also holds a Guinness World Record for her participation in ‘Burleskathon’, produced by Elena Gabrielle and Dolores Daiquiri.

Ainslie Adams enjoys paying homage to old world glamour and decadence while employing a more contemporary soundtrack. Whether she’s shimmying across the stage in a fishtail gown or dancing with extravagant feather fans, Ainslie is a timeless class act.


- Scherazade, Theatre Press



"Adams epitomises the legend of burlesque, Gypsy Rose Lee.  We have all seen the musical or watched the film about Gypsy’s story.  Adams exemplifies that sexy, teasing grace and elegance that Gypsy was known for.  Her first costume is a rich, green velvet, with a tulle mermaid base, and a long zip from the top of her left thigh to the top.  On her exposed thigh there is a magnificent tattoo of a woman, as as she continues to disrobe, we discover more and more jaw dropping gorgeous skin art."

- Samsara Dunston, Melbourne Arts Fashion


"Ainslie Adams is the type of performer that will draw you in with her subtlety, then she will do something that will have you eating it up with a spoon and then she will do something else that will have you choking on that spoon and asking for seconds... Five stars for this little goddess"

- Leasa Mann, Audience Member & Iconic Melbourne Drag Queen 



"At the first burlesque show I ever attended, Miss Ainslie Adams made me decide I wanted to be just like her. The general vibe is girl-next-door who looks like she’s been up to something naughty and she has well and truly perfected the art of tease. The perfect hourglass that is her body, the cheeky smile and sparkle in her eye will tantalise you and have you pleading for more."

- Kaiti Yo, Audience Member


"I have never seen someone with a dance presence quite like Ainslie. I have been fortunate enough to see this beautiful woman captivate under the bright lights of Miss Burlesque Australia and around in smaller intimate venues across Melbourne. She gives her all as though she was performing for royalty every time she stepped onto stage."

- Lauren Michelle, Audience Member